Sushma Bhadu : Elected in 2010 as the sarpanch of three villages

Sushma Bhadu

In a state that is famous for sports, Sushma Bhadu has managed to make her village of Dhani Miyan Khan, a ‘model’ when it comes to women’s rights and the survival of daughters. Elected in 2010 as the sarpanch of three villages, Salam Khera, Chablamori and Dhani Miyan Khan, she fought the centuries-old cultural tradition that dictates she be covered with a ghunghat in public places.

The mother of three also built a training centre for women and ensured that every village child went to school. Under her guidance, her village won many awards for its good sanitary conditions, zero dropout rate and the best sex ratio among all villages in Haryana.

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