Jatt Kom by Mr.Parvindra Khera

Jatt Kom by Mr.Parvindra Khera

Jat Kom, according to the resolution of one of the great and hardworking and brave people of the Indian subcontinent, Jat entered the Indian territory from 2500 to 3000 years ago in Sindh and then Holi Holi spread across large areas of Punjab, Haryana, Jammu, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Gone

Jatt has used two titles Chaudhary and Sardar in his name, in all the religions of the Indian continent, with an estimate that 45% of Jatta’s population of Muslims, which is currently in Pakistan’s Punjab and Sindh, with the estimation of the 1931 British census. 20% Sikhs who are mostly in Indian Punjab or other states and 35% Hindus, Arya Samajis and Bishnoi who are influential in Hindi language in Haryana, Rajasthan and West UP. The Jat word is used

Jat people love farming and farming is the root cause of this. It likes Jat army and police. Jat is fighting against us. Whenever it comes to attacking India and fighting it, it is said about the Jatta coming back in the fields. Jatt is a sword by forming a sword and making a plow in Jatta. The hostility and competition in Jatta. It is often a disadvantage of Jatta’s misfortune, which has often been seen in generations.

By virtue of being brave of the Jat, the British government gave Jatta a special significance in the army, therefore formed the Una Jat Regiment, with many Param Vir Chakra and other medals by Jatta, Nirmal Singh Sekhon, Hoshiyar Singh Dahiya and many others Jatta bravely Paramvir Chakra achieved

Jat folk sports enthusiast has made a lot of hard work by sticking it in its own special way. Whenever even a medal was needed, Jat Kom never disappointed. The wrestler like Dara Singh never lost the wrestler Sushil Kumar, Boxer Vijender Beniwal who The Hindu Jat gave the Olympic medal to the girls in the Olympic medal winner Sachshi Malik, shooter Avinit Sidhu, and in the role of Fugat sisters,

Chaudhary Charan Singh became the Prime Minister of the Jat community and Punjab and Haryana Haryana remained the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir. Apart from this, the Prime Minister of Pakistan and there is a CM in the Jatt. On both the Army Chief and the general army personnel, Air Marshal Arjun Singh Keep the fire star

Jat is not fanatic in any religion. If he is in any religion, he is not in any religion, he does not leave his rules, and often leads to a conflict with ardent leaders. Jatta rules out all the rules of Jatta. They do not get married in their clan, Sisters also leave sister-in-law among one sibling; Alva mama, mother of aunt and aunt’s child are counted as brothers and sisters. There is no relationship between other people. He was against the practice of marriage. Today even in our villages there is a young widow and the custom of marrying a chadar or a marriage on her is done by two very important rules, Jatta was cut off with the Hindu religion. Most Hinduism also left the Jatta, due to which Hindu Jats in Haryana actually appear in Arya Samaj and Bishnoi

Jatts today are forgetting their true identity and being distracted and debilitating, and this benefit is raising religious organizations.

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